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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!  Razel here from Sydney. Another food lover with a passion for creating delectable dishes. I am always on the move exploring new foods and in search of fabulous gastronomical experience to satisfy my adventurous palate.

With this blog, I will be featuring market produce in season. The recipes inspired by traditional ones but most of the time, I will be adding my own touch to it and creating twists. I love to experiment with food. Baking is my first (culinary) love so I hope you don’t mind if every now and then, I share some recipes to satisfy those with the same addiction to anything with cocoa a.k.a. “chocolate-y” stuff. Chocolate is always in season and I think we can all agree on that one. Let’s just file all the sheer indulgent recipes under Sweet Season.

Please feel free to share and pass on the recipes but I would greatly appreciate it if you could give a link back to my page. The photos are taken by myself so please ask my permission first if you intend to use it for other media purposes.




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