Sweet Season … After-Dinner Lindt Mint Cheesecake Pots

So, today, 3oth of July is National Cheesecake Day. No, I am kidding you not and I did not make this up. But whoever declared today as such, why, thank you very much! Another good reason ( read – “excuse” ) to have a slice or two of this decadent dessert.

Cheesecake is my first “dessert love”. The very first fancy treat I made was the no-bake blueberry cheesecake. Have loved it since my teen years that I have tried countless recipes – from no-bake to baked ones to satisfy my cheesecake love.  I even accepted a challenge from a chef friend to come up with a vegan recipe – no wheat, no dairy, no egg, which turned out not bad at all. So, with all these recipes I have, which one did I make for this special cheesecake lovers day? The easy-peasy no-bake after-dinner mint cheesecake. Have this after your mains and you will be treating yourself to a delightful gastronomical experience of chocolate and burst of mint flavours.

I made a few changes to the recipe I always use. I omitted the peppermint essence, which you add to the cream cheese and chocolate mixture. Instead, I used Lindt Sublime Mint Dark Chocolate. The mint coulis is just enough to give that hint of mint flavour. I also made a cheesecake biscuit base, not pressed but just spooned at the base to add some texture. To be honest, I was not quite sure whether the new recipe will taste as good as the original one. But when after finishing a pot serve, my son said “This is so good. Can I have some more?” … I believe I did a good job! And seriously, who doesn’t love a good cheesecake?

Lindt after dinner mint cheesecake 5


Lindt after dinner mint cheesecake 2


  • 100g sweet biscuits
  • 60g butter, melted
  • 250g cream cheese, softened
  • 100g Lindt Sublime Mint Dark Chocolate
  • 1 cup whipped cream
  • 1/3 cup caster sugar
  • 35g peppermint crisp bar, crushed
  • fresh mint leaves, to garnish


  1. Process biscuits in a food processor until you get a coarse crumb texture. Alternatively, place biscuits in plastic bag and crush with rolling pin.
  2. Mix biscuit crumbs and melted butter together. Spoon the mixture equally into six small ramekins or stemless glass. Keep in the refrigerator until required.
  3. Gently melt chocolate over very low heat on stove top. Remove from heat and let cool.
  4. With an electric mixer, beat together cream cheese and sugar until well blended. Stir in whipped cream.
  5. Add melted chocolate into cream cheese mixture. Using a chopstick ( or any pointed object you have available in the kitchen), mix chocolate and cream cheese mixture creating swirls.
  6. Spoon cheesecake mixture among ramekins.
  7. Sprinkle peppermint crisp on top. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.
  8. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.

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