In Season Now … Watermelon, Ginger & Pineapple Punch

Aaah … Sydney, what crazy summer weather you are giving us! Last week was a series of torrential rain, followed by sunny and pleasant weekend. This week started with  a couple of days heatwave, then a hump day of tolerable temperature until today. What a scorcher of a day! With temperatures soaring to 39C degrees (102F), I was just more than happy to stay at home and chill. Some probably hit the beaches and pools around Sydney but not me. I needed a refreshing drink in hand while feet up and enjoying a book. That was how pretty much I spent my early afternoon after coming home from work. Sipping a glass of punch. With the hot temperature predicted, thought I’d stock up on ginger ale, soda water, fruit juice and variety of fresh fruits. You know, so when hot summer days like today happens, I can easily concoct something to cool me down. Now, please excuse me while I have another glass of this refreshing watermelon, ginger and pineapple punch.

watermelon ginger pineapple punch

watermelon ginger pineapple punch 3


  • 200g seedless sweet watermelon
  • 500ml chilled dry ginger ale
  • 250ml chilled pineapple juice
  • 250ml chilled soda water
  • 2-3 fresh mint sprigs
  • ice cubes


  1. Remove peel from watermelon. Cut into cubes or small triangles.
  2. Combine ginger ale, pineapple juice and soda water in a large jug (or punch bowl if you have one).
  3. Add watermelon, mint and plenty of ice cubes just before serving.

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